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Please Upload Your Photos Into Your Secure Folder

Please check your SMS messages and your email for a link to a secure folder that you received. You can upload photos of the areas you are interested in and any documents you would like us to review into this folder. 

You can click the link to your folder on your mobile device and upload pictures from your camera roll or even take pictures directly into the secure folder.  

We cannot make a proper evaluation of your candidacy without these photos. 

Upload 2 Views of Each area of Interest

Taking & Uploading Photos

In order to get you the most accurate virtual consultation, please follow these instructions for taking preoperative photographs. You can skip this step if you opt for an in-person consultation.
  1. Choose an Appropriate Space: Find a well-lit area with natural, diffused light if possible, avoiding harsh, direct light or flash. The background should be plain and in contrast to your skin tone. An uncluttered space allows for better evaluation of your images.
  2. Choose Appropriate Clothing: Wear minimal clothing to fully expose the area of interest, such as a two-piece swimsuit, or your bra and underwear. If interested in a breast procedure, please take photos from the front and sides with no bra.
  3. Hair-do. For face and neck photos, pull back your hair so your entire face is visible. If you have long hair, please tie it when taking photos of the upper body.
  4. Camera Positioning: Position the camera so it’s level with the part of the body you’re photographing. The camera should be held steady to avoid blurring. Have someone else take the photos if possible.
  5. Maintain a Standard Distance: Keep the camera at a consistent distance from the body. This provides a clear, consistent perspective in all shots.
  6. Multiple Angles: Capture the area of interest from different angles. For each body area, this means a front view, left profile, right profile, and a 3/4 view from both sides. 
  7. Neutral Expression and Posture: For facial photographs, maintain a relaxed, neutral facial expression. For body photographs, stand straight with your arms slightly away from your body. Do not flex, pose, or twist.
  8. No Filters or Edits: Please avoid applying any digital filters or editing the photos in any way, as this may interfere with your surgeon’s ability to accurately assess your condition.
  9. High Resolution: Ensure the pictures taken are high resolution for better detail.

Uploading Your Photos

Once you send in your initial welcome form, you will receive a secure link to your mobile phone and email that opens a secure private folder on your phone or on your computer. While on your phone, you can snap photos directly into this folder or upload them later from your photo library. You will only be able to see the uploaded photos for 5 minutes until they are automatically moved to another secure location.

For Abdominal Photography

- Frontal View: Stand straight, don’t suck in your stomach or flex.
- Posterior (Back) View: Turn away from the camera and stand up straight.
- Lateral View: Stand sideways to the camera for left and right views.

For Buttock and Lower Body Photography

- Frontal View: Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart.
- Oblique View: Turn slightly to the left and right for oblique views to focus on the hip dips.
- Lateral View: Stand sideways to the camera for left and right views.
- Posterior View: Back up to the camera, ensuring the entire lower body is in the frame.

For Breast and Chest Photography

- Frontal View: Stand straight with your arms slightly away from your body.
- Oblique View: Turn slightly to the left and then right, with arms still slightly away from the body.
- Lateral View: Stand sideways to the camera for left and right views.

For Face Photography

- Please tie your hair in the back
- Frontal View: Face the camera directly, maintain a neutral expression, and look straight ahead.
- Profile View: Turn your head to the left and then to the right for profile shots. Keep your eyes straight ahead.
- Oblique View: Provide a 3/4 view from both sides by turning your head slightly towards the camera.


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