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Free Consultation

Whether in person or virtual, your consultation is free of charge.

Complimentary Virtual or In-Person Consultation

Your Free Consultation

If you’re looking to turn the clock back on your body, the best way to start is with a consultation at BodyLuxe. Click the Consultation Form button to start your journey.

Consultations are relaxed without a pressure sales offer. Whether in-person or virtual, you will walk out of the office educated and comfortable with our process.

The journey to your dream self doesn’t always need to start in an office. Now it can begin right from the comfort of your living room. 

In a world where convenience is paramount, we’re delighted to offer you a seamless and flexible solution to discuss your aesthetic goals. You can now embark on your transformation journey with a phone or video  consultation. At BodyLuxe, we’re committed to delivering exceptional results and unmatched care that you deserve. 


Full 2 Year Zero Interest Financing

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Let’s Take This First Step Together, Virtually Or In-Person.

About the Consultation Process

Our Free Consultation Process is respectful of your time. 

Rather than have you come into the office just to spend an hour filling in paperwork, or ask you a multitude of questions over the phone, we have simplified our intake form so you can easily complete them on a mobile phone, tablet or computer in the privacy and comfort of your own home. 

  1. Once you click the “Consultation Form” link, we will verify your mobile phone number by sending you a code to ensure your privacy and security. 
  2. We proceed to the questionnaire where we learn about how we can help and you tell us your expectations. Estimated time: 3 minutes
  3. We will then send you a link to both your email and phone to fill in your health history. Estimated time: 9 minutes
  4. We will send a link to your own secure folder where you can send us photos of your areas of interest and any documents you wish to send us. You can skip sending photos if you opt for an in-person consultation instead.

You can rest assured our forms are HIPAA secure and your images will only be seen by our trusted staff. Once we review your information, we will contact you to review your goals and provide more information. It’s as simple as that!

Procedures start at approx. $4,000. We are currently offering fat removal from the neck and chin for $4,495 (includes the cost of Renuvion skin tightening to help you achieve a ‘snatched’ and defined jaw line). 

Consultation Form

Inform us what you're looking for, your goals and priorities in this guided form. Tell us how we are allowed to contact you.

3 min

Health History

Use this streamlined form to help us get to know your health history so we can treat you in a safe and effective manner.

9 min

Upload Photos

Please upload 2 views of each body area of interest to your secure folder using your phone camera so we can advise you properly.

Upload 2 Views of Each area of Interest

Taking & Uploading Photos

In order to get you the most accurate virtual consultation, please follow these instructions for taking preoperative photographs. You can skip this step if you opt for an in-person consultation.
  1. Choose an Appropriate Space: Find a well-lit area with natural, diffused light if possible, avoiding harsh, direct light or flash. The background should be plain and in contrast to your skin tone. An uncluttered space allows for better evaluation of your images.
  2. Choose Appropriate Clothing: Wear minimal clothing to fully expose the area of interest, such as a two-piece swimsuit, or your bra and underwear. If interested in a breast procedure, please take photos from the front and sides with no bra.
  3. Hair-do. For face and neck photos, pull back your hair so your entire face is visible. If you have long hair, please tie it when taking photos of the upper body.
  4. Camera Positioning: Position the camera so it’s level with the part of the body you’re photographing. The camera should be held steady to avoid blurring. Have someone else take the photos if possible.
  5. Maintain a Standard Distance: Keep the camera at a consistent distance from the body. This provides a clear, consistent perspective in all shots.
  6. Multiple Angles: Capture the area of interest from different angles. For each body area, this means a front view, left profile, right profile, and a 3/4 view from both sides. 
  7. Neutral Expression and Posture: For facial photographs, maintain a relaxed, neutral facial expression. For body photographs, stand straight with your arms slightly away from your body. Do not flex, pose, or twist.
  8. No Filters or Edits: Please avoid applying any digital filters or editing the photos in any way, as this may interfere with your surgeon’s ability to accurately assess your condition.
  9. High Resolution: Ensure the pictures taken are high resolution for better detail.

Uploading Your Photos

Once you send in your initial welcome form, you will receive a secure link to your mobile phone and email that opens a secure private folder on your phone or on your computer. While on your phone, you can snap photos directly into this folder or upload them later from your photo library. You will only be able to see the uploaded photos for 5 minutes until they are automatically moved to another secure location.

For Abdominal Photography

- Frontal View: Stand straight, don’t suck in your stomach or flex.
- Posterior (Back) View: Turn away from the camera and stand up straight.
- Lateral View: Stand sideways to the camera for left and right views.

For Buttock and Lower Body Photography

- Frontal View: Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart.
- Oblique View: Turn slightly to the left and right for oblique views to focus on the hip dips.
- Lateral View: Stand sideways to the camera for left and right views.
- Posterior View: Back up to the camera, ensuring the entire lower body is in the frame.

For Breast and Chest Photography

- Frontal View: Stand straight with your arms slightly away from your body.
- Oblique View: Turn slightly to the left and then right, with arms still slightly away from the body.
- Lateral View: Stand sideways to the camera for left and right views.

For Face Photography

- Please tie your hair in the back
- Frontal View: Face the camera directly, maintain a neutral expression, and look straight ahead.
- Profile View: Turn your head to the left and then to the right for profile shots. Keep your eyes straight ahead.
- Oblique View: Provide a 3/4 view from both sides by turning your head slightly towards the camera.

Beautiful woman portrait touching her face cosmetic concept long curly hair.

Upload to Your Private Folder

We will send a private link to your phone to a secure folder that you can snap photos directly into using your phone.

You can also schedule...

In-Person Meeting with Dr Farrugia

An in-person consultation accomplishes the same goals as a virtual consultation, with the added benefit of an in-person physical exam instead of relying on photos.

Even if you proceed with a virtual consultation, Dr Farrugia will still examine you the day of surgery where you will have the opportunity to go over the points that were discussed during the virtual consultation, and ask any question about the indications, benefits, risks and alternatives of the procedure.

Preparing for the In-Person Consultation

  1. List Your Questions and Concerns: Before coming in for your consultation, make a list of any questions or concerns you may have. This will ensure that you remember to discuss all relevant points with Dr. Farrugia.

  2. Bring Your Medical Records: If you have any existing medical records that may be relevant to the procedure, bring these with you to the consultation.

During the Consultation

  1. Initial Discussion: Dr. Farrugia will start with a general discussion about your aesthetic goals, concerns, and lifestyle. This is an opportunity for him to understand what you hope to achieve with plastic surgery.

  2. Medical Examination: Depending on the procedure you’re interested in, Dr. Farrugia may perform a physical examination of the relevant area(s). This allows him to better assess your suitability for the procedure.

  3. Procedure Discussion: Dr. Farrugia will then discuss in detail the potential procedure(s) that could help you meet your goals. This includes discussing the benefits, risks, possible outcomes, and alternatives.

  4. Question and Answer Session: Dr. Farrugia will provide time for you to ask any questions you may have. Remember, no question is too minor or insignificant. It’s important to fully understand what to expect.

  5. Next Steps: If you decide to proceed, Dr. Farrugia will explain the next steps, which may include further tests, scheduling the procedure, pre-operative preparation, and recovery expectations. 

We are committed to ensuring your consultation is a comfortable and informative experience. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any further questions.

Looking forward to seeing you soon! Start the process now.

Financing Your Procedure

Are you interested in applying for financing to break up your procedure price into low monthly payments over one or two years? We partner with Cherry Payments, PatientFi and CareCredit.

Complimentary Virtual Consultation Explained

Virtual Consultation with Dr Farrugia

Once we have reviewed your medical history and your photographs, we will contact you to schedule your virtual consultation at a time that is convenient for you.

Scheduling the Consultation

  1. Scheduling: You will receive a booking link where you will be able to select a suitable date and time for the consultation. 
  2. Meeting Link: Once the date and time is confirmed, you will receive a meeting invitation link through email. This email will also contain information about how to join the meeting. We use Zoho Meeting to conduct the consultation. You can download the secure app on your phone on both Apple and Android devices. The link for download will be in the emails. You can also use Zoho Meeting in any web browser as long as you have a web cam attached to your computer.

Preparing for Your Consultation

  1. List Your Questions and Concerns: Before your consultation, whether virtual or in-person, make a list of any questions or concerns you may have. This will ensure that you remember to discuss all relevant points with Dr. Farrugia.

  2. Prepare Your Medical Records: If you have any existing medical records that may be relevant to the procedure, it would be best if you could scan them before the consultation and upload them to your private folder so that we can review them prior to your consultation so that we can advise you effectively.

Conducting the Virtual Consultation

  1. Prepare Your Space: Choose a quiet, well-lit room for the consultation to ensure privacy and a good video quality. Ensure your internet connection is stable.

  2. Access the Meeting: Click on the Zoho Meeting link at the scheduled time to join the meeting. You may need to download the Zoho Meeting application or plugin, depending on your device.

  3. Video and Audio Check: Once you’ve joined the meeting, please check your video and audio settings to make sure everything is working correctly. Our clinic staff can assist you with any technical difficulties.

  4. Consultation: During the consultation, we will discuss your goals, concerns, and medical history in more detail. We’ll also provide an initial assessment of the possible procedures and outcomes. We will discuss potential surgical options, risks, benefits, and a preliminary cost estimate, as well as the proposed next steps.

  5. Questions and Answers: Feel free to ask any questions you have about the procedure, recovery, costs, or any other aspect of the surgery. We want to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Next Steps

If you decide to move forward after the consultation, we will discuss the next steps, which may include in-person examination, scheduling the procedure, and preparation instructions. We may recommend further diagnostic tests or preoperative clearance from your physician(s) if you have certain medical conditions.

Financing Your Procedure

Are you interested in applying for financing to break up your procedure price into low monthly payments over one or two years with ZERO interest? We partner with Cherry and PatientFi for our financing. We also accept CareCredit.

The benefits of a virtual consultation

Why Opt for a Virtual Consultation?

Talk with Dr Farrugia from the comfort of your own home. No more traffic, no more waiting rooms. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, find a comfortable spot, and we will connect with you at a time that suits your schedule.

General FAQ

Still have questions?

If you have questions not related to our services you can write to us here.