The Compassionate Side of Surgery

The following is an article highlighting our breast surgery practice that was published in Northwest Quarterly, Spring 2018 edition, written by Lindsey Gapen, the Managing Editor of Northwest Quarterly Magazine:

There are two sides to every surgery. Evaluate the perspective of a patient versus a surgeon as they discuss how compassionate care and innovative technology lead to better outcomes.

Surgery will never be “fun,” but its goal is to create a better quality of life. Through compassionate care and innovative technology, surgeons are continuously saving and improving the lives of their patients.

Just ask Donna Haen, a patient who underwent surgery four times during 2017. Or ask Dr. Daniel J. Farrugia, a fellowship-trained breast surgeon who exudes empathy for patients and enthusiasm for new technology. Their stories champion the humanity inherent to surgery.

Read the full article here.
Daniel Farrugia Compassionate Side of Surgery
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Daniel Farrugia Compassionate Side of Surgery
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Daniel J Farrugia MD PhD Administrator
Director, Centegra Comprehensive Breast Program
Daniel Farrugia MD PhD is a fellowship-trained breast surgeon in the northern suburbs of Chicago. He is Director of the Centegra Comprehensive Breast Program. His research in breast cancer has been published in top international journals, and has been cited over a thousand times in the medical literature.
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