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My interaction with Dr. Farrugia was a truly uplifting experience especially given the difficult time I was having trying to cope with my new diagnosis.
Dr. Farrugia, compassionate, took the time, very thorough with the explanations and expectations.
Dr. Farrugia explained all my options in a very thorough and easy to understand way.
He is very kind, attentive, and he listened to my needs. He will
I can’t say enough about how wonderful Dr. Farrugia was! He is so knowledgeable and takes the time to explain things and what he’s doing. This has been an amazing experience for me and I would highly recommend the time to visit and get a consolation from these wonderful people! It’s truly life changing! Thank you so much to all the wonderful people at the Sono Bello office in Schaumburg!
a very compassionate person His helpfulness in a time of fear and uncertainty was outstanding. Hands of God
Dr Daniel Farrugia is highly trained and skilled in his surgery techniques, and also so personable.
He touched my soul with his kindness and expertise. I would most definitely recommend him and his entire team. They are truly medical angels.
Dr Farrugia and his staff are the most caring, helpful, accommodating office I have ever been in, and I have been in a lot lately.
Dr. Farrugia was extremely thorough in explaining the type of cancer I had, what the regimen would be going forward (surgery, chemo and radiation) and what could be expected after treatment.
His bed side manner is awesome! I recommend Dr. Farrugia 100%!
(from BIRDEYE) My experience has been amazing , starting with my consultation with Kat. She really encouraged me to do the procedure and I am so glad that I did! Dr. Farrugia is amazing and transformed my body. The whole staff at Sonobello is amazing and I recommended them to everyone!
Kind, caring, compassionate physician and surgeon.
I went to my first appointment with Dr. Farrugia two days after my diagnosis and he explained everything to my husband and I, in great detail.
His staff was so pleasant and helpful. He made numerous phone calls to me at the times I needed them.
From my first appointment, Dr. Farrugia helped to ease my fears.. He has a WONDERFUL beside manner!
He helped me feel confident and sure about the process. I had a lumpectomy and he did an amazing job. Cosmetically, it looks perfect!
He has a great bedside manner. Excellent surgeon. Within a week I was recovered. I'm very through have had Dr. Carditis as my surgeon.
He did a amazing just i was very relax and he made sure to make sure my body i the way i wanted 💯
Doctor Farrugia is a very professional, knowledgeable, compassionate doctor. He answered every one of them.
Very courteous, and genuinely concerned about me.
The nurses are fantastic. I was very nervous on my first visit to the Schaumburg office, they were kind, understanding and patient. By the time I had my secondary procedures, I was eager to proceed with the sculpting process. Dr Farrugia was very personable, knowledgeable with a great sense of humor which was calming and a great stress reliever. I'm very happy with my body contouring results thus far. By combining an increase in exercise, smarter food choices with correct portion control along with the body sculpting I am down 29lbs, 3 pant sizes and have lost over 14 inches overall. I'm halfway to my goal with a personal expected date of 7/4/19 at 155lbs. 23lbs to go then the work of health/weight maintenance for the rest of my life. I'm looking forward to my next GP doc appt to see my new cholesterol and A1C #s.
Dr. Farrugia was great in explaining the recovery process to my teenage daughter, making it relevant to her so that she understood the importance of recovering correctly.
My husband and I could not have been more pleased with this skilled surgeon. I would highly recommend Dr. Farrugia to my family and friends.
He helped ease my fears from the very beginning. He made me feel confident and sure about the process. Cosmetically, it looks perfect!
He has a sense of humor, is incredibly brilliant & makes you feel comfortable & well informed. I highly recommend him !!!!
Felt so confident in this surgeons hands, such a caring doctor.
He takes his time to explain things thoroughly, he is willing to take the time to answer questions, and is compassionate.