How did you become interested in medicine?

I’ve learned it can take bleak moments to force introspection and define the career path you embark on. I lost my dad to cancer when I was 15, then I lost my mother several years later. Because of this, I have felt the anguish, frustration, and sometimes even the desperation that comes with the roller coaster of the cancer journey. Through these experiences, I was able to see the patient-doctor interaction from the patient’s point of view, and I was struck by the multiple roles a doctor plays in this relationship. At that point, I realized that pursuing a career in cancer surgery would be very fulfilling for me, knowing I could help others during times when they need it the most.

Daniel J Farrugia MD PhD Administrator
Director, Centegra Comprehensive Breast Program
Daniel Farrugia MD PhD is a fellowship-trained breast surgeon in the northern suburbs of Chicago. He is Director of the Centegra Comprehensive Breast Program. His research in breast cancer has been published in top international journals, and has been cited over a thousand times in the medical literature.
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