I was on the Joe and Tina Show on STAR 105.5 FM to discuss breast cancer

On Thursday October 17, I was invited to the studio of Star 105.5 FM to discuss new approaches to breast cancer care live on Joe and Tina’s Morning Show.  The hosts, Joe Cicero andTina Bree were excellent interviewers and it was great to meet them in person. They were both born and raised in the Chicago area and they do a great job on the show.

We discussed the concept of a breast program multidisciplinary team where the patient first meets the breast navigator after a cancer diagnosis. The breast surgeon is then the first physician that the newly diagnosed patient encounters. During the first personalized consultation, the patient’s entire medical history including family history of cancer is discussed with the patient to determine how this affects the management of the cancer with respects to the patient’s individual needs. Management also is determined by the specific type of breast cancer.

We also discussed the concept of genetic testing to evaluate if certain women (and men) are at high risk of breast cancer and what they can do about it. We discussed Angelina Jolie and her choice to undergo bilateral prophylactic mastectomy. We discussed the newer types of mastectomy specifically nipple sparing mastectomy and the enhanced cosmetic results.

We finally talked about the newest recommendations about breast cancer screening and breast self exams.