After a Pain Block


Follow the instructions of your Radiologist.

If you had a pain block, do not drive for eight hours following your procedure. We advise resting at home the first evening after your procedure.  The local anesthetic medication may cause weakness or numbness in the area affected by the injection (e.g., arm or leg). You may gradually increase your activity as tolerated the next day.


You may experience a local pain in the area, and possibly an exaggeration of the pain being treated. This is not unusual and should decrease in one to two days.  Continue to take your pain medications as previously ordered by your primary physician.


You may shower and/or bathe in 24 hours.  Avoid pools and/or spas for four days.

Wound Care

Keep the injection site clean and dry.  Remove bandage 24 hours following your procedure.

Effects of Procedure

If you received a steroid medication with a pain block injection, it may take PaiDdanywhere from five hours to three days to take effect.


Notify your primary care physician if:

  • you experience prolonged numbness
  • you develop severe pain
  • you develop a fever greater than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius
  • your injection site develops increased redness, swelling or has a pus-like discharge.

Avoid hot water or heat application until numbness is gone.